IMPULSE VG+ Series 4 Drives

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The Magnetek IMPULSE® VG+ Series 4 drives are designed especially for material handling applications, providing a complete package of crane-specific capabilities far beyond a general purpose drive's functionality. IMPULSE VG+ Series 4 can be used as a closed-loop flux vector crane control specifically designed for non-mechanical load brake hoists and high performance traverse motions.

- Magnetek drives are designed with reliability and economy in mind
- Load Check II™ continuously detects hoist overload conditions, halting upward motion and only allowing the load to be lowered
- Safe Torque Off provides a redundant hardware safety circuit that guarantees motor and brake power are removed when an E-Stop switch or safety controller opens the drive input, eliminating the need for external disconnects
- Brake Test verifies brake torque with the press of a button, capturing breakaway torque with a monitor parameter on the keypad
- Quick-Setup™ is provided by the easy-to-use keypad and X-Press Programming™ so you get up and running right away
- Option cards provide the drive flexibility needed with expandable AC digital input and output, DC digital and analog input and output option cards
- Compatible with 50HZ voltage making them available for use in all European countries
- Adaptive Ultra-Lift™ allows for hoist operation above base speed with a light load or empty hook
- Anti-Shock - minimizes harmful torque increases due to load shock, reducing potential for equipment damage
- Safe lifting features are built right in, including Torque Proving, which confirms the motor is providing enough torque to safely lift a load prior to releasing the brake
- IMPULSE Link Diagnostic System maximizes the efficiency of your drive by providing easy parameter management right on your PC
- Weight Calculation - enables load weight to be calculated with an accuracy of ±5% of full load (0-10 VDC Output)
- Encoder Loss Detection - Signal loss detection at all times, even when the motor is not rotating (load float)
- Load Float™ - Allows a load to be held aloft at zero speed without setting the electric brake
- Load Sharing - Allows two or more mechanically coupled motors to be controlled in a master/slave torque control fashion
- Electronic Programmable Limit Switch allows slow down and stop limits without a geared limit switch
- Snapped Shaft Detection - detects a broken coupling shaft or discontinuity in the drive train