Magnetek IMPULSE G+ Mini Drive

Magnetek IMPULSE G+ Mini Drives


  • $ 49500

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The low horsepower IMPULSE® G+ Mini is Magnetek's easiest program drive to date, with user-friendly standard programming for basic applications and advanced programming capability for high performance environments. 


  • Magnetek drives are designed with reliability and economy in mind
  • Permits the use of smaller control enclosures, reducing the overall cost of an installation
  • Available with standard 120VAC interface card, with 24VAC, 48VAC, and 24VDC optional
  • Load Check II™ continuously detects hoist overload conditions, halting upward motion and only allowing the load to be lowered
  • Provides the choice of programming in Basic or Advanced access levels
  • Available in 1/2 through 20 HP in 380-480V or 1/4 through 20 HP in 200-240V three phase ratings
  • Reverse Plug Simulation™ - allows operator to smoothly and quickly stop and change directions without setting brake
  • Motor Thermal Overload Protection - reduces possibility of motor damage
  • Quick Stop™ - reduces possibility of crane collision
  • Swift-Lift™ - allows overspeeding with light loads or empty hook
  • Safe Operating Windows™: reduces the possibility of programming unsafe parameters
  • X-Press Programming™ allows programming initial setup within seconds

Note: Horsepowers are provided for reference only and should not be used for sizing drives. Drives should be sized according to actual motor Full Load Amps (FLA). Prices include 120 Volt control voltage interface card and basic information manual - 24VAC or 48VAC card can be substituted upon request. Data and prices subject to change without notice.

  • Certification: UL, cUL, TÜV, CSA, RoHS (CE available with filters)
  • UL recognized Electronic Thermal Overload
  • CMAA Class A-D Service
  • 40:1 Speed Range
  • Three Speed Control Methods, Up to 5 distinct speeds, Infinitely Variable Control, Stepless Analog Speed Reference
  • 3 year warranty
460 Volts
4001-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 1.2 0.5
4002-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 1.8 0.75
4003-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 3.4 1 & 2
4004-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 4.8 3
4009-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 9.2 5
4014-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 14.8 7.5
4018-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 18 10
4024-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 24 15
4031-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 31 20
230 Volts
2001-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 1.6 0.25
2003-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 3 0.5
2005-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 5 1
2008-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 8 2
2011-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 11 3
2017-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 17.5 5
2025-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 25 7.5
2033-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 33 10
2047-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 47 15
2060-G+M-120-0-0-OPEN-STD 60 20

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