Magnetek Electrobar 8-Bar Enclosed Conductor Bar Kits


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Magnetek's Electrobar 8-Bar Enclosed Conductor Bar Systems are the practical, proven and economical way to deliver electricity to overhead cranes, hoists, monorails, and other types of moving equipment. 

If you need power for simple top running applications or a curved monorail this system is the solution. This system can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Cover options available for high temperature environments.

Kits are available in lengths of 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300 feet. Please contact Bohl Crane, Inc. if a different current is needed for your system. 

  • Corrosion resistant pivot pins
  • Impact-resistant, universally interchangeable polycarbonate arms
  • Electrically insulated collector bodies
  • Galvanized steel in 90 and 110 amp ratings & copper in the 350 amp rating
  • Designed to carry specific current ratings using a duty cycle of 70% (84 seconds on and 36 seconds off)
    • Bar Layout: Vertical
    • Bar Type: 8-Bar 90 Amp
    • System Power Type: AC 3 Phase + Ground
    • System Voltage: 460 VAC
    • System Current Draw: 20
    • System Length: 100-300 ft.
    • Power Feed Location Quantity: 1
    • Power Feed Location: Center
    • Longest Leg of the System: 100 ft.
    • Voltage Drop Percentage: 0.82
    • Bracket Type: Flange Mount w/ clips or Web Mount
    • Hanger Type: 4 Pole Hanger
    • Collector Mounting Post Quant.: 1
    • Collectors Shoe Type: Standard 8-Bar Collector
    • Collectors Type: Pantograph Arm / Tandem Shoe
    • Longest Leg Min: 90 ft.
    • Longest Leg Max: 110 ft.
    • Anchor Location Min: 90.00 ft.
    • Anchor Location Max: 110.00 ft.

    Not quite what you're looking for? We can design variations of this unit and we'll work with you to build the exact unit you need. Please contact Bohl Crane, Inc. for more information.

    • Conductor Bars, 90A, Galvanized Steel, Orange PVC Cover
    • Conductor Bars, 90A, Galvanized Steel, Green PVC Cover
    • 4 Power Feed 90A Kits
    • End Cover, Black
    • 4-Pole 8-Bar Hanger 
    • Nylon Anchor Hanger
    • Collector Mounting Post
    • 200A Collector Arms, Tandem
    • 8 Bar Connecting Tool
    • Bar Expansions for 300 ft. systems
    Magnetek Conductor Bar Diagram Magnetek Conductor Bar Diagram with Expansion

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