Gorbel Standard Bridge End Trucks | Aluminum

Gorbel Standard Bridge End Trucks | Aluminum


  • $ 43000

Typical Lead Time: 1 - 5 working days (Drop Shipped Item)

Shipping: UPS


End trucks provide the connection between the bridge and runways. They are designed for effortless movement along the runway. End trucks are used to hold the Bridge as it moves along the Runway. Each Bridge has two end trucks, one clamping and one non-clamping. 

  • Clamping: Set screws are inserted to prevent the Bridge from moving in the End Truck's sleeve
  • Non-Clamping: The Bridge is allowed to slide freely in the End Truck's sleeve to prevent binding when moving down the Runway


Wheels are tapered to match the 2° taper of the track. This reduces rolling resistance and wheel wear. Wheels contain ball bearings that are sealed and lubricated for life.

Two horizontal wheels center the end truck within the runway. This prevents binding of the bridge. The position of the load on the bridge has little effect on the amount of force needed to move the bridge along the runway as a result. 

Any runway track misalignment is taken up by the bridge floating in one end truck, while the other end truck is firmly clamped to the bridge. 

All end trucks meet or exceed the ANSI B30.11 specification for underhung bridge cranes.

 This listing is for one end truck only. Each Bridge should have two end trucks; one clamping an done non-clamping. Contact Bohl Crane, Inc. for other options and accessories for this listing.

  • Runway Material: Aluminum
  • Bridge Material: Aluminum
    • 1-Piece
    • 2-Piece
  • End Truck Type: Standard

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