Gorbel Replacement Festoon Clamp

Gorbel Replacement Festoon Clamp


  • $ 3000

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Festoon Clamps mount on the end of a Steel or Aluminum Enclosed Track Jib to collect Festooning. A Festoon Clamp is used to lock Festoon Conductor (like Flat Cable or Air Hose) into position, typically at the end of Runways, Bridges, or Booms on Enclosed Track Cranes. These Enclosed Track Cranes include Work Station Bridge Cranes (WSCs), Work Station Jib Cranes (WSJs), and Aluminum Wall Bracket Cranes (AL100s). The clamps work by locking the clamp onto the track using a bolt and locking the conductor in the clamp using another set of bolts.
A Vacuum Hose Festoon Clamp performs the same basic function as a normal Festoon Clamp but is specifically used for clamping vacuum hose in place. It includes the extra snap ring and Velcro loop for securing the vacuum hose in place. 
This listing is for the normal festoon clamp and the VH Festoon clamp for a Vacuum Hose. Contact Bohl Crane, Inc. if you require a different clamp.

  • A Vacuum Hose Festoon Clamp includes a Connector and Strap for hanging Vacuum Hose from the included Festoon Clamp

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