Conductix EWS-X Spring Balancer

Conductix Endo EWS-X Series Eco Food Grade Safety Spring Balancer


  • $ 67500

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The EWS Series Balancers offer true zero gravity, with no drifting or strain. Tapered drum, quality springs and bearings provides smooth cable travel throughout the stroke. This model combines the smaller capacity EW series balancers with the safety features of the larger EWF series balancers. The EWS series has a manual drum lock which allows for easy change out of tools and fall arrest device. Tension adjustment is performed easily with a wrench. Additionally, the casing is fully enclosed, eliminating any potential pinch points around the drum. Other features:

  • Tension Adjustment is Easy and Precise
  • Cast aluminum case
  • Forged steel swivel hook.
  • Cable diameter: White Nylon, 0.12 in. (3.0 mm)
  • Exclusive 18 Month Warranty

The Series "X" balancers are the "eco-friendly" balancers. They are the ultimate solution when particulates from the standard exterior balancer finish might contaminate food or sensitive assemblies. Specific features of the "X" version include:

  • Buffed and barrel-polished casing and cover
  • Synthetic food-grade grease (H1 grade) on the spring
  • Stainless steel lower hook, plug, rivet, bolts, and screws
  • Zinc plated upper hook and pins
EWS-3X 3.3 - 6.6
(1.5 - 3.0)
4.27 (1.3) 4.2 (1.9)
EWS-5X 6.6 - 11.0
(3.0 - 5.0)
4.27 (1.3) 4.6 (2.1)
EWS-7X 11.0 - 15.4
(5.7 - 7.0)
4.27 (1.3) 4.6 (2.1)

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