Winoa Abrasives Custom 35 Ton Tubular Crane


Thinking outside of the "box"


Thinking outside of the "box"


Winoa's custom tubular solution:

When Winoa Abrasives needed to increase the capacity of their crane they ran into a familiar obstacle: their building could not accommodate it. Faced with a two month shutdown and the cost of refurbishing the building, Winoa turned to Bohl Crane for a custom solution.

With little space to work with, Bohl Crane partnered with design firm Kodiak Group to develop a unique tubular girder design. By changing from a standard box girder to a tubular girder, Bohl was able to increase system capacity while still allowing for a 35 ton main crane and 7 ½ ton auxiliary hoist to fit with inches to spare. Even better, the entire installation process took a mere 8 days and was completed during Winoa’s normally scheduled plant shutdown.


  • Climate controlled cab with swivel seat
  • 35 ton molten metal duty with motorized rotating hook block
  • 7.5 ton scrap magnet duty
  • 7.5 ton maintenance duty on out-rigged monorail
  • Custom round girder with recessed trolley rails
  • Custom extended wheel end trucks
By Abigail Hosley
Custom Solution