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New Products: Holmatro Industrial Cutting Tools


New Products: Holmatro Industrial Cutting Tools

About Holmatro

Holmatro hydraulic equipment and systems are used for rescue, industrial and special tactics operations around the world. These types of applications demand reliable tools under all circumstances. To make sure that Holmatro users can fulfill their specialized tasks, Holmatro strives to be the best-in-class industry market leader by using game changing technology.

Mastering power is at the heart of Holmatro’s vision. Common to all their products is the basic fact that only controlled power can be put to use effectively. Holmatro tools allow their users to apply the high hydraulic forces in a practical, controlled and safe way.

Industrial Cutting Tools

Holmatro Industrial CutterThe extensive product range of Holmatro Industrial Cutting Tools contains a large number of high-pressure hydraulic cutting tools specially designed for cutting various materials. The assortment of Industrial Cutting Tools includes hydraulic cutters, hydraulic spreaders, pumps, system components and accessories. All tools are user-friendly, reduce physical demands and are safe to operate.

By Abigail Hosley
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