Gorbel New-old Stock Wall Bracket Jib Crane - 2 Ton, 10 ft. span

Gorbel Wall Bracket Jib Crane - 2 Ton Capacity, Span 10 ft.

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  • New-old stock
  • The Wall Bracket (WB100) Jib is the most economical means of providing hoist coverage for individual use in bays, along walls or columns of plants, or as a supplement to an overhead crane or monorail system.

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  • Model Number: WB100-G2-10-W8
  • Capacity: 2 Ton
  • Weight: 435 lbs.
  • Span: 10 ft.
  • Flange Width: 5.25 in.
  • Bracket Fitting Size: G2, 2 Ton
  • Bracket Centers: 3 ft. 0 in.
  • "D" Dimension: 3 ft. 0 in.
  • Thrust and Pull: 17.1 kips
  • Axial Load: 5.78 kips
  • Overturning Moment: 51.3 k-ft
  • Boom Assembly: Included
  • Wall Brackets: Included
  • End of Beam Bracket: Included
  • Tie Rod: Included
  • Hoist and Trolley Allowance: The total hoist allowance is 15% of the capacity or 600 lbs. maximum.
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