CMCO Budgit Manguard Electric Chain Hoist | Single Speed

CMCO Budgit Manguard Electric Chain Hoist | 1/4 Ton - 3 Ton Capacity, Single Speed

Columbus McKinnon

  • $ 2,14500

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Budgit BEHC Manguard Electric Chain Hoist is designed and manufactured for tough jobs and for every lifting application. An economical choice, these hoists are dependably built to withstand the rigors of heavy service and repeated lifting cycles. They are easy to service, require minimal maintenance, and offer excellent headroom for every lifting application.


  • Suspension Type: Top Hook
  • Lift Length: 10 Ft.
  • Chain Container: Included
  • Power Supply Cord Length: 5 Ft.
  • Control: Standard pendant and pendant cable included (pendant cable approx. 6 ft. in length)

Not quite what you're looking for? Bohl Crane's in-house engineering department is on hand to design the right solution for your application! Please contact us for custom and modified designs.

BEHC2516 1/4 TON 16 FPM 16 3/4 IN 77 LB
BEHC2532 1/4 TON 32 FPM 16 3/4 IN 80 LB
BEHC2564 1/4 TON 64 FPM 16 3/4 IN 77 LB
BEHC5016 1/2 TON 16 FPM 16 3/4 IN 80 LB
BEHC5032 1/2 TON 32 FPM 16 3/4 IN 81 LB
BEHC0108 1 TON 8 FPM 17 1/2 IN 88 LB
BEHC0116 1 TON 16 FPM 17 1/2 IN 89 LB
BEHC0132 1 TON 32 FPM 17 1/2 IN 95 LB
BEHC0204 2 TON 4 FPM 23 IN 110 LB
BEHC0208 2 TON 8 FPM 23IN 111 LB
BEHC0216 2 TON 16 FPM 23 IN 112 LB
BEHC0305 3 TON 5 FPM 25 7/8 IN 136 LB
BEHC0310 3 TON 10 FPM 25 7/8 IN 146 LB

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